WeProffer FAQ by Volunteers

No, the entire process is free for both organizations and volunteers.

It depends on the organization but WeProffer suggests organizations to conduct a interview before hiring.

WeProffer suggests organizations to pay for volunteer’s travel, food and accommodation expenses along with providing a monthly stipend. It depends on organization’s policy, financial condition, project budget allocation, etc.

You must choose the sector that interests you the most. Several interesting projects have been listed on the platform. As per your necessity, perks can also play a major role.

No, you only need a well-made and updated resume. The number of applicants for each role is quite high therefore, a good resume will increase your chances of hiring. 

WeProffer FAQ by Organizations

It is not mandatory but we suggest that you do. It will increase the number of good candidates applying for your position.

Please give travel, accommodation, food and internet costs. Also, provide certificates, letter of recommendations and letter of appreciations.

Yes, we suggest that you hire young children and school students as it helps in building emphatic and socially responsible citizens. We will however need you to sign our child protection policy to make sure of the child’s safety.

We suggest you do a extensive hiring that prevents you from being unsatisfied as an employer. However, if the candidate misbehaves, misuses or causes extensive trouble, please let us know immediately and they will be banned from using the platform.

Please reach out to us via WhatsApp or Email.

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