About WeProffer

Tinder for Volunteers and Organizations. Find your perfect match!

Building an entire generation of Changemakers and Social Entrepreneurs

WeProffer is a free platform for volunteers to find volunteering opportunities. We allow organizations to hire talented and passionate volunteers to help in their projects. 

Most young people are very keen towards making an impact in the society and helping bring change. This platform will not only help them find volunteering opportunities but train them in being the biggest asset they can be to the organization they join.

WeProffer will offer training, workshops and bootcamps on facilitating change, being a social entrepreneur, on identifying social problems and solving them using sustainable means. In addition to getting qualified and passionate volunteers, WeProffer will also help organizations learn how to be more innovative and be better leaders to our volunteers.


We have a dream

WeProffer Dream

We dream of an empowered generation that believes in the power of solving problems for all problems in this world are solvable with enough time, effort and dedication. 

Our Vision

Creating a better and empowered world with combined efforts of volunteers

Our Mission

Creating an eco-system where volunteering is cherished and adopted as the means to bring change.